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Air Conditioner Compressor

ATS Heating and CoolingThe air compressor may eventually need to replaced at your place of business, retail store or restaurant. Usually, the outside half of a standard air conditioning system uses a refrigerant compressor. These systems are also known for their use of condensing coils. The compressor of an air conditioning system refers to the pump inside the motor. This pump is responsible for pulling heat laden refrigerant gas from the inside components of the building. Once the gas has been drawn, it is compressed. The gas transforms from a low pressure substance to a high pressured one.

How Compressors Work

ATS Heating and CoolingThe refrigerant gas which was transformed into a high pressure and high temperature substance will be transferred to the condensing coil. The condensing oil in turn cools the gas into a liquid state. The gas is cooled using a fan or blower inside the condensing oil.

Another way to cool the gas is through the immersion of the coil into cold water. From time to time, the compressor of the air conditioning system gets wearied down. When this happens, they often need to be replaced.

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